Len Leatherwood

Class Title: An Experiment: Committing to Writing 20 Minutes a Day for 1 Month
Instructor: Len Leatherwood
Class Term: September 23-October 21, 2019
We are not accepting any more enrollments for Len's class; the class has started.


Have you wanted to get moving with your writing? Do you find yourself procrastinating endlessly? Here is the class for you. We are going to write for 20 minutes a day for 4 weeks and share our work daily. You will be a better writing at the end of this process just from sheer practice of getting words on the page. Break through that writer's block and come play. It will be fun and rewarding.

Class Description

This course will require an active commitment on the part of its participants to pledge to write daily for 20 minutes, 6 days a week, for 4 weeks. Participants will read short articles that provide help and guidance on the writing process. Also, they will post their writing daily in a file on the website. No detailed critique will be given, only encouragement for writing. However, all participants can be assured that their work will be read by at least two people: a rotating reading partner and the instructor. Each week we will cover a different topic that will promote personal growth and also provide information on the benefits of a daily writing practice.

Class Goals

  1. Recognize the power of breaking through a writing block.
  2. Learn specifics about how to focus on "now" writing (whether describing the past, present or future).
  3. Develop new writing friends through the sharing of work.
  4. Have a better understanding of how to incorporate writing in daily life.
  5. Learn how to come up with topics to write about for 20 minutes every day.
  6. Experience a greater fluidity in their writing through the 20 minutes a day writing practice.


  • Week One: Writing Who We Are
  • Week Two: Writing in the Now
  • Week Three: Writing about the Past
  • Week Four: What We've Learned and Where To From Here?

Student Skills, Equipment, and Time Required

20 minutes of writing a day as well as 20 or 30 minutes of reading once per week. There will also be at least 30 minutes of reading/comment time required per week to encourage fellow writers.

From beginning to advanced writers with familiarity of Word, the Internet and email.

Class Methods

We will communicate either by private email or group.

Tuition/Fees for this course

SCN members: $160. Non-SCN members: $200.

Instructor Bio

Len Leatherwood, Program Coordinator for SCN's Online Classes program, has been teaching writing privately to students in Beverly Hills for the past 19 years. She has received a state and national teacher award for the past 9 years from the Scholastic Artists and Writers Awards, the oldest and most prestigious writing contest for youth in the U.S. She is a daily blogger at 20 Minutes a Day, as well as a published writer of 'flash' fiction/memoir with pieces appearing in flashquake, longstoryshort, All Things Girl, SCN's True Words Anthology, Provo Canyon Review, as well as A Cup of Comfort Cookbook, currently available on Amazon. She was a nominee for a Pushcart Prize, the best of the small presses, in 2015.

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Praise for Len's Classes

  • I have taken several of Len Leatherwood's classes and have enjoyed each one. She challenges me and encourages me with constructive and consistent feedback. A wonderful teacher! —Lucy P., Williamsburg VA

  • Writing 20 minutes a Day was one of my all time favorite classes because the writing was read promptly, commented upon promptly and shared responsibly. It is a very encouraging class and boosted my self confidence in "putting myself out there." Interaction among the students was handled in an organized manner. Len Leatherwood's teaching was a breath of fresh air for me as she encouraged blogging, writing frequently and sharing one's own innovative spirit. —Joan C., Coeur d'Alene ID

  • Len Leatherwood was very attentive and her help was positive and clear. She gave detailed comments on each essay and answered personal emails as well. I hope to study with her again. —Mare S., Irvine CA

  • I found this class challenging and very worthwhile. Len Leatherwood stretched me beyond my comfort zone and I feel I benefitted for the time I put in. Also we had good bonding as a group of 5 women. —Lucy P., Williamsburg VA

  • Len Leatherwood's a great teacher and a kind and caring human being. This was a great class. —Molly H., Miami FL

  • Len Leatherwood does a great job of not only crafting the writing work, but nourishing our relationships. —Lauren R., Austin TX

  • Len Leatherwood is a great teacher. This is the 3rd class I've taken with her this year. She always has great teaching materials and offers very helpful comments on our pieces of writing. I also like the way class members support each other in our writing. (Plus I love reading what everyone else writes!) I will definitely take another class from Len! —Mary C., Pine CO

  • Unrealistically, I hoped for a how-to. What I got instead were deadlines for actually writing flash pieces, some very spot-on readings & some elementary ones, & interactions with a group of interesting women, all of which were valuable. I will definitely keep writing flash, & I credit Len Leatherwood and the course for that. —Noelle S., Los Angeles CA

  • This is a great course to get you more familiar with flash fiction and to play in genres where you might not otherwise play. I am not a memoir writer but I got to experiment with it. I'd take it again. —Kathy K., Morristown NJ

  • I would love if you offered the 20 minutes a day class often - I would take it. Len Leatherwood's a great facilitator - I took her Crafting Scenes class earlier this year and learned so much - and wrote! And that's the key:) —Mary C., Pine CO

  • Len Leatherwood is an excellent teacher, comments detailed and constructive, class materials interesting and helpful and she is by your side every step of the way. With each class I've taken with Len I become more committed to writing and my writing gets better and better. I highly recommend anyone who wants to write in any genre to take this class. —Renee C., Temecula CA

  • Len Leatherwood was interesting, open, understanding, and encouraging. I appreciated her honest comments, as well as her willingness to share her own writing and writing challenges. A good experience, all the way around. —Carol I., Santa Fe NM

  • I was a bit leery about my work being critiqued by the other students. Len Leatherwood supplied a guide on how to critique without being negative. That set me at ease and helped me stay positive giving and receiving critiques. —Diana S., Clements CA

  • This is the third time I've taken Len Leatherwood's short writing course and each time it has helped me define my writing goals and succeed with my WIP. There is an open, friendly and accessible vibe to Len's teaching methods and communications with class members. Her critiques are gentle and honest. By providing the class with essays and stories to read and then posting specific discussion questions she enables students to get the most out of each lesson. It also opens students up to discussion within the online group so we all get to know one another as we progress. For an online class it is one of the most interactive I have ever taken and that helps when you never get to meet your fellow students in person. —Renee C., Temecula CA

  • Great class! I learned a lot! —Mary C., Pine CO

  • This class was really useful to me as I begin a memoir. Len Leatherwood's feedback was spot on. The clear and consistent class structure with interim deadlines for responses were super helpful. —Lauren R., Austin TX

  • This class was very well instructed, and class participation enthusiastic. Always look forward to classes led by Len Leatherwood!!! —Gayle C., Visalia CA

  • Len Leatherwood did a great job with the tools she had for us students. I enjoyed her choice of using Google documents for critiquing my scenes, which I believe was the best part of the class. Len went above and beyond my expectations as an instructor. She was nice too. :) —Anna I., Port Richey FL

  • Len Leatherwood is insightful, a positive reinforcer, and a sensitive writer who sees clearly where one is going with the written material. She shapes and guides the writer through revision without undue criticism, yet a powerful influence with a complete explanation for her suggestions. Len is the bomb! —Claire B., Cincinnati OH

  • My classes with Len Leatherwood are always worthwhile, the time frame of one essay a week was perfect, her additional materials were helpful. I recommend Flash Nonfiction. —Karen D., Twinsburg OH

  • This was a wonderful experience! Len Leatherwood is an excellent instructor. Her lessons for each week were well prepared and perfectly matched to the week's objectives. The women in this class bonded and became an ad hoc writing group. The assignments were provocative and resulted in several pieces that required just a bit more revision to be ready for submission. I heartily recommend this class and this instructor to anyone interested in learning and/or improving the craft skills necessary to write flash nonfiction. A+! —Jude W., Dayton OH

  • Len Leatherwood is by far the best writing teacher out there. She is encouraging and supportive, yet her critique's are honest and forthright because she genuinely cares about helping students produce the best work they can. She fosters an incredible environment of comfortability and trust (even through a screen!) by sharing her own work and engaging with everyone about work, life, and her own writing goals and struggles, so that it feels less like a school lesson and much more like one friend engaging with and learning from another. Her assigned readings are always expertly picked and very relevant to the weekly subjects, but she is flexible in writing assignments and pushes every student to write from what inspires them if the prompts aren't personally motivating. Len made me love writing again - her enthusiasm and excitement is absolutely contagious! —Madison S., Beverly Hills CA

  • Writing flash fiction is fun! As a busy working wife/mom of 4 kids, I can fit writing short into my schedule. Len Leatherwood is a wonderful teacher! Thank you Len! —Laura G., Austin TX

  • Len Leatherwood is a professional. She is not only organized but responds and critiques your work in such an honest yet thoughtful way that it gives you confidence your piece can be published. She honestly cares about her students. —Claire B., Cincinnati OH

  • This class moved my writing habit forward and helped me to further develop my voice in a circle of support women writers. I recognize how therapeutic writing is for personal discernment and it is the perfect excuse for forcing solitude on a daily basis to escape the rat race and mayhem of life. More kudos to Len Leatherwood for facilitating the group and providing feedback that was timely, supportive, and relevant. —Kelly W., Neptune Beach FL

  • Len Leatherwood is down to earth, encouraging, organized and consistent. She responds promptly and provides excellent guidance. I would consider taking another one of her courses. —Marjorie W., Lafayette CA

  • Len Leatherwood made me want to sit and write every day, to watch for my partner's piece daily. I broke my own rule of not checking email/yahoo group before breakfast and burned it at last once! The positive comments were a real boost to a novice and built confidence. Now I want to take another class from Len and try other instructors, too. I am suffering serious withdrawal today; I miss the ladies who know so much about me now. —Karen D., Twinsburg OH

  • Len Leatherwood was present to each of us. I liked the structure of the course which gave me a focus with a broad field to play in. Her encouragement and willingness to pursue a couple of my references in her own writing was affirming and relational. Her interest in my piece about couples and encouragement to develop it, saying she would want to read a longer version was generous. —Joy M., Paoli PA

  • "Go For It" was my first course and exactly what I needed to jump-start my writing activities. Len Leatherwood was available and supportive. My colleagues were helpful and instructive. I look forward to working with more groups. —Jackie D., Cypress TX

  • Len Leatherwood's course was chock-full of information and resources. She is wonderfully supportive as were all my classmates. Enjoyed the course immensely. —M. Lazarus, Caldwell TX

  • Len Leatherwood knows how to draw the best out of her students while always remaining encouraging. I am amazed at how meticulous her editing is: line by line, she helps her students to turn a an attempt into a finished piece. —Charlotte B., Houston TX

  • I've taken many SCN classes and this one stands out as wonderful. With thoughtful readings and right-on editing, Len Leatherwood created a warm and supportive structure that encouraged all of us to courageously dig deeper into our stories. —Lauren R., Austin TX

  • Len Leatherwood pushes you to do your best work and to try to stick to deadlines. The readings she provides were timely and useful. I learned plenty, practiced plenty, and enjoyed myself immensely. —Robyn H., San Antonio NM

  • [Len Leatherwood is] Flexible, helpful, complimentary. —D. Eddy, Prescott AZ

  • Flash fiction is a new approach for me but I found that I am comfortable there. I wrote some things I did not think I could, and was happy with the result. I plan to continue with this form of fiction/memoir. —Lucy P., Sarasota FL

  • Great work by Len Leatherwood. Her ability to keep the group organized, stay engaged, and provide constant encouragement was fantastic. All materials provided were rich and helpful in terms of learning about flash. Awesome experience, I am sorry it is over, it has me wondering what is next in terms of writing. Great group as well, diverse and very supportive. —Kelly W., Neptune Beach FL

  • There is no teacher like Len Leatherwood—she is honest, encouraging, immensely talented, and genuinely interested in helping students create the best work that they can. I've taken multiple classes with her through story circle and would not only recommend signing up for one but go as far to say that it is necessary to anyone hoping to improve their prose and get excited about writing again. —Madison S., Beverly Hills CA

  • Len Leatherwood was always helpful and made this course a pleasure! —Lara & Giselle K., Alpena MI

  • Len Leatherwood pushes you to do your best work and to try to stick to deadlines. The readings she provides were timely and useful. I learned plenty, practiced plenty, and enjoyed myself immensely. —Robyn H., San Antonio NM

  • Len Leatherwood knows how to draw the best out of her students while always remaining encouraging. I am amazed at how meticulous her editing is: line by line, she helps her students to turn a an attempt into a finished piece. —Charlotte B., Houston TX

  • I've taken many SCN classes and this one stands out as wonderful. With thoughtful readings and right-on editing, Len Leatherwood created a warm and supportive structure that encouraged all of us to courageously dig deeper into our stories. —Lauren R., Austin TX

  • I took Len Leatherwood's class as a newbie to flash fiction/memoir/nonfiction. I'm developing a new blog and wanted to learn skills in this writing form for my storytelling. I got just what I needed to understand the basics, developed some skills and have terrific resources to continue to learn. The course exceeded my expectations. Thanks for offering it and for selecting Len as the teacher. I appreciate her experience, expertise in both writing and teaching and generous sharing. A great class for women new to flash writing and experienced writers. Great articles that show and teach specific skills, writing assignments and feedback that build skills. Len Leatherwood is an experienced writer and expert teacher. Her in-depth feedback blends support and specific edits that strengthened my writing. I highly recommend this class. —Day P., New York NY

  • The information contained in the readings was extremely clear and helpful. The assignments generated lots of discussion and kept participants on their toes. Len Leatherwood's comments, encouragement and critiques were motivating and helpful. —Renee C., Hicksville NY

  • Len Leatherwood's class exceeded my expectation with the wealth of information the readings provided, the in-depth and thoughtful critiques, and the freedom to explore the form of flash fiction. Len Leatherwood is the very best writing instructor; she is thoughtful and supportive in critiquing work, and never fails to reach out to keep her students motivated and inspired. There is no one as expert and devoted as she is as a teacher and a writer too! —Madison S., Beverly Hills CA

  • I recently completed "The Power of Writing Short: A class in 'Flash' Fiction/Memoir" instructed by Len Leatherwood. This was a wonderful class, with excellent reading assignments and links to many resources for future writing endeavors. Under Len's guidance, participants engaged in lively interaction as we moved through the course material and honed our writing skills in the area of flash fiction/memoir. The critiques were very professional and provided invaluable insight into the writing goals and objectives. The last week was power-punched with ideas and suggestions for moving submissions into publication. Thank you Len for a wonderful class!! —Gayle C., Visalia CA

  • I've never taken a class from Len Leatherwood that wasn't well-organized, practical, personal, and inspiring. She makes me want to write and encourages me every step of the way. Her suggestions are positive, and she's always sensitive to the needs of each student. —Bonnie F., Brookings OR

  • I was at first reluctant to sign up for a class where I had to produce a piece of writing every day. Len Leatherwood made that process so enjoyable by being very positive and encouraging. —Linda R., Eugene OR

  • Len Leatherwood is a wonderful instructor who responds so well to each individual student as well as to the class as a whole. Without reservation, I would like to continue writing with her and highly recommend her class. —Barbara H., Afton NY

  • It was an amazing experience that got me writing and sharing my work. It worked seamlessly and I enjoyed being a part of this every single day... Len Leatherwood is the best writing instructor; she's encouraging, supporting, and so talented herself. Assignments are fun and thoughtful, and she really takes the time to produce relevant and super helpful reading materials, and give feedback on work. I would take any class of hers. —Madison S., Beverly Hills CA

  • Len Leatherwood is an excellent writing instructor. Kind, skilled, and adept at responding to student writing, and she does so quickly. You'll be guaranteed insightful responses to what works and what might improve the content and arrangement of your writing pieces/chapters/essays. I would gladly take another class from Len as well as recommend her to others. Great class that was well organized and executed... —Sandy S., Murrieta CA

  • The textbook along with Len Leatherwood's paramount instruction, exercises and prompts made for some deep and effective writing and taught me many things to make my scenes stronger. Len is a superb teacher who pushes her students to work hard through positive encouragement and effective critique. I would take more classes with her anytime. —Renee C., Hicksville NY

  • Very helpful. Len Leatherwood took great care in evaluating scenes submitted and her comments were so insightful and professional. I can't recommend her highly enough. Len Leatherwood's class was everything it promised—a thorough examination of scene crafting and how to enhance one's writing ability. Her expectations were clearly laid out, and everything was done on time. She provided a thorough review of scenes submitted and her critiques were insightful and professional. I can unhesitatingly recommend this class for writers, both beginning and advanced, who want to hone their skills. She delivered. —Gayle C., Visalia CA

  • Len Leatherwood can be counted on for clear and concise presentation of course materials and assignments, at just the right time. The readings for each week were helpful and stimulating... Len's comments were thoughtful and stimulating. I felt enthused to make revisions. I ended up with four pieces that I'm currently satisfied with to begin a "Family Cookbook" that I plan to write. Len Leatherwood guides our writing with a loving heart and intelligence. She seems to be genuinely interested in her students and the subjects of their lives that they write about. Len has a great sense of humor and I love her enthusiasm. —Anne W., West Chester PA

  • Len Leatherwood is always on time with comments and her comments are caring and thoughtful... This is my second course and I've been very happy with both. Len is great... —Betty N., Tallahassee FL

  • Len Leatherwood provided an extremely positive and encouraging atmosphere for this new writer to feel safe enough to explore my talents and challenged enough for me to go the extra mile to complete more than I expected of myself. Len's comments always thoughtful, inspiring, and professional. She truly has the writer's interest at heart. I will be looking for more of her classes!! —Janice S., Houston TX

  • After three classes under Len Leatherwood's gentle and expert guidance, I have found my voice as a writer, learned valuable how-to's and why-not's, had the benefit of her precise and gifted editing, and gained a treasured mentor and friend. As I've said before in these comments, I'll follow Len Leatherwood wherever she wishes to take me!! —Ann W., Corpus Christi TX

  • Len Leatherwood is a compassionate teacher and reader. She responded immediately to our submissions with detailed line edits and overall comments that were both caring and encouraging of our writing and unique voices. She created a feeling of safety among participants from day one where we felt comfortable writing about and sharing personal stories. I recommend her as a writing teacher and for her ability to empathize with students and encourage us to accept and express ourselves as we are. —Rachel H., Oakland CA

  • You will really get a lot out of this class. Len Leatherwood presented the material well. She was very professional and her feedback was very helpful to me. I highly recommend this class for just about everyone. Can't wait to hear her speak at the Story Circle conference in April 2014. —Irma A., Kalamazoo MI

  • If you love to write, if you have fears about writing, if you want to dig deeper into who you are—take a class with Len Leatherwood. She is kind, wise, and generous. You will feel supported, truly seen, and uplifted. —anonymous, Seattle WA

  • Len Leatherwood was a gracious instructor. Her editorial comments were professional, timely and kind. The additional readings outside of our book were helpful and enlightening. I felt we became a little writing community under her instruction and tender validation of our written pain. My experience with Len has moved me forward as a writer and on my personal life journey. —Robyn W., The Woodlands TX

  • This course far exceeded my expectations. I really cannot think of anything that needed improvement. Len Leatherwood is an exceptional instructor and the course material was excellent... She provided wonderful feedback and created a very supportive and safe environment in which to share our writing and receive feedback. I would recommend any course that Len is teaching! —Kelly H., Manassas VA

  • Len Leatherwood is a warm, talented, enthusiastic, empowering teacher so anything she teaches will reflect all those attributes. This is the second of my classes with Len and many more will follow. As long as she's teaching something somewhere, my desk will be pulled up to the front of the room, my pen poised and ready, my heart and mind open to whatever she has to say. Where I am as a writer now I owe to Len's gentle, brilliant guidance. She's just wonderful, that's all!!! —Ann W., Corpus Christi TX

  • Len Leatherwood's course was great and reignited my love for writing. —Petula D., Oakland CA

  • The material was vast, fascinating, instructive and challenging. I have copied all the lessons, readings, and links provided by Len Leatherwood to my "library" on my computer for easy access in the future. —Ann W., Corpus Christi TX

  • The weeks spent with Len Leatherwood were transformative! She provided invaluable links and resources both at the beginning of each week's lesson plan and during the week. Her comments and line editing provided effective and beneficial information for each of us. The other participants and I experienced a unique and supportive relationship with one another and with Len and we learned so much! It was great and I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in Flash Fiction/Memoir. —Roxanne Y., Austin TX

  • Len Leatherwood's class more than met my expectations. She provided a safe place to be free to write creatively. She pushed us to produce our best writing in a manner that was empathic and clear. She encouraged the students to support each other as well. Len also offered us rich material and online resources to further our knowledge about many aspects of writing. She gave much more of her personal time than I expected. I felt held in her caring arms as a budding writer. Thank you Len!! —Patricia D., Odessa FL

  • The instructor [Len Leatherwood] was the hands-down BEST I've ever experienced. I plan to follow her wherever she goes!!!!!! —Ann W., Corpus Christi TX

  • Len Leatherwood was very supportive and helpful with her suggestions. [The class] motivated me to finally write and think about material that I've played around with for years. The feedback was extremely helpful in improving my confidence about my ideas and writing. —Betty Sue N., Tallahassee FL

  • Len Leatherwood is observant and extremely supportive of fledgling writers. I waited each Friday for her critique, which was always fair and encouraging. —Betty Sue N., Tallahassee FL

  • This course and the instructor exceeded ALL my expectations!!! For five beautiful weeks, I was in a heaven of stimulation, challenge, learning, growing and expanding as a writer and as a person. Len Leatherwood's critiques and suggestions were thoughtful, kind and always supportive -- AND grammatically and creatively perfect. If you want to live the best learning experience of your life, take a course from Len Leatherwood. I promise you won't be the same at the end. —Ann W., Corpus Christi TX

  • This is the second course I have taken with Len Leatherwood through Story Circle Network. She came through once again with flying colors! For me, it was like taking a class again with one of my former favorite teachers. Len was supportive while giving constructive and professional feedback with our individual critiques. It was like sitting in a classroom with a caring teacher. She individually responded to our reading comments as well. I would definitely take another course with Len. She inspires her writing colleagues well. She allowed us to safely open up the windows to our soul through the art of the written essay. Thank you Len, again. —Sharon B., Munster IN

  • Len Leatherwood is an excellent instructor for beginning writers. She provides positive and supportive critiques and does not overwhelm with too much material. If just beginning with The Essay, Len is a great place to start! —Jayne C., Conroe TX

  • Len Leatherwood is very well-organized and efficient. You know up front what is expected and when it's due. Not too much reading, but enough to get the point across. —Bonnie F., Brookings OR

  • I always enjoy the readings Len Leatherwood provides for each assignment. This class had a required textbook, which turned out to be informative and entertaining. Len usually adds some extra readings during her courses that enhance the lessons. She is also responsive to students' needs and questions, providing additional material according to the interests of the group. She also uses student responses to evaluated whether a particular reading should be included in future classes or not. —Bonnie F., Brookings OR

  • Len Leatherwood suggested the class based on a previous class I took with her. It turned out to be very helpful and enjoyable. I liked the essay form and the opportunity to try different types of essays. When I take a class on-line from Len, I feel as if I have a personal writing coach at my elbow to encourage me. She makes the writing process easy to understand and easy to practice. —Bonnie F., Brookings OR

  • Probably the best part of the class was the personalizing of it. Len Leatherwood adapted her teaching to questions, problems, issues of the students in the group. She added information according to our particular needs. She was flexible and very encouraging. I didn't feel as if I were just locked in to her agenda, but that she was interested in mine. —Bonnie F., Brookings OR

  • Len Leatherwood is a wonderful writing instructor who is a true professional. She individually critiqued each student in the class for every submission. She made constructive suggestions on how to improve one's writing, while offering supportive and caring comments as well. She even individually responded online to each student's online comments about the given readings. It was like we were sitting in a classroom with a teacher in front of us. Our computers or electronic devices became transparent via Len's instruction. I would definitely take another course with her. She gave us weekly lessons in organized folders, which included our critiques from Len and our weekly critique partners. All members in he class had open access to them, which was great. She was also open to our comments and suggestions when they arose. She is an informative and meticulous instructor. —Sharon B., Munster IN

  • This course was truly amazing. Len Leatherwood provided thorough and helpful critiques for each of my weekly writings. She is a wonderful teacher who is very encouraging and knowledgable. Len provided a wealth of resources and readings that will keep me learning way beyond the dates of the class. Taking this class was truly one of the best gift's I have given myself in a long time. Thank you SCN for making this quality class available. —Rhonda C., Kerrville TX

  • Len Leatherwood is a wonderful instructor—kind, supportive, and provides detailed comments. I thoroughly enjoyed the Flash Fiction class I took with her and I felt encouraged to continue to write. —Kathryn W., Seattle WA

  • Probably the best part of the class was the personalizing of it. Len Leatherwood adapted her teaching to questions, problems, issues of the students in the group. She added information according to our particular needs. She was flexible and very encouraging. I didn't feel as if I were just locked in to her agenda, but that she was interested in mine. —Bonnie F., Brookings OR

  • Len Leatherwood's style of critique was very direct with helpful suggestions for improvement. The built-in deadlines were reasonable and facilitated completing the requirements. The pace of the course was good and writing the variety of essays stretched you. Sharing the class essays among the group made the experience very rich. Thank you. —Bonnie D., Alexandria VA

  • Len Leatherwood's critiques were encouraging, to the point and spot-on. She's a great instructor. Thank you! —Veronica S., Cincinnati OH

  • This is an excellent course. —Joann P., Lake Luzerne NY

  • Len Leatherwood provides a safe environment for writers by offering encouragement, giving constructive feedback, and fostering a creative community among participants. I was excited, intrigued, and challenged by each assignment and I hope to have a chance to do it again! —Cynthia E., Sherman TX

  • I greatly appreciated Len Leatherwood's perceptive comments, her careful editing, and gentle suggestions for improvements. The readings were relevant and insightful. —Lorraine C., Calgary AB CANADA

  • Len Leatherwood's course was exactly what I needed. I plan to submit at least two of the pieces I wrote for publication within the next week to ten days. —Juliana L., Canyon TX

  • This is my second course with Len Leatherwood. I find her extremely knowledgeable, professional, and a joy to work with. —Mary Ann P., Sugarland TX

  • I loved this course. Len Leatherwood is an excellent teacher and had a very organized curriculum and stimulating readings. She gave excellent critiques in a constructive way. This course was so good I'd like to take it again! —Janice K., Austin TX

  • I highly recommend Len Leatherwood's work as a teacher and critic. She has energized my food and recipe writing, and I am already going through recipes to work on other food and memoir pieces. My family has asked me to do this for a long time, but Len really helped me think I could do it and be excited about it! I am also considering beginning my own food/memoir blog One of my blogs already has alot of content which fits this and in spite of the glut of food blogs, I really think I would enjoy doing one devoted to this theme. Mary Ann P., Sugarland TX

  • The Power of Writing Short is an excellent online class for anyone interested in writing short fiction or life stories. Len Leatherwood is a wonderful teacher who provides encouragement, great writing prompts and honest but gentle critiques. There is a great feeling of warmth among Len and the members and that's really special for a virtual classroom. —Renee C., Hicksville NY

  • If you want to take a fun ride in your writing life, sign on with Len Leatherwood. Her sharp ear for what I had to say pushed me to expand my thought. —Anne W., West Chester PA

  • Len Leatherwood got me writing and critiquing my work as well as others in the class. There were lots of readings, sample stories and links to information about writing flash fiction. I did feel it focused more on fiction than memoir, but that actually worked for me so no complaints about that. —Renee C., Hicksville NY

  • Outstanding course. Len Leatherwood's critique's were extremely helpful and supportive. I learned a lot! —Katharine A., Makawao HI

  • I learned so much in Len Leatherwood's class about writing, editing, the art of critiquing, and the value of being critiqued. The instructor was accessible, knowledgeable and encouraging, and her detailed line-editing was an eye-opening experience. —Linda A., St. Louis MO

  • I feel that I learned a considerable amount [in Len Leatherwood's class] and became inspired to focus some of my writing toward flash fiction. Perhaps toward publishing one day. —Linda S., Cedar City UT

  • Len Leatherwood is a caring and adept writer and instructor. She offers loads of information through the yahoo group including video links that were extremely helpful. Her critiques are very helpful and comments are right on point making all of us better writers. —Renee C., Hicksville NY

  • Len Leatherwood was accessible, knowledgeable and encouraging, and her detailed line-editing was the most helpful, eye-opening experience in my writing life. The class loved her. —Linda A., St. Louis MO

  • Len Leatherwood has an exuberant and encouraging nature, and was easily able to work well with different levels of writing experience in this course. No one was ever excluded for their opinions, writings, or input to classmates. Len's critiques are excellent, and inspire students to want to do the rewriting necessary to improve their stories. —Linda S., Cedar City UT