Jan Marquart

Class Title: Write Short Write Deep
Instructor: Jan Marquart
Class Term: May 14-July 9, 2018
We are not accepting any more enrollments for Jan's class; the class has started.


"Write Short Write Deep" will focus on weekly emails from the facilitator to engage a group discussion of what works to write powerfully. Focus will be on how to express content succinctly, with impact, and brevity.

Class Description

"Write Short Write Deep" is designed to help writers add depth, dimension, and emotional engagement into a complete story. The focus will be on how to drop deeply into content from the first sentence. This class will depend on participant's involvement and comments as well as the facilitator's.

At the end of this class, students will have learned how to correct their copy with powerful words, where to begin it, and how to end it with emotional engagement.


Topics for 8-week class will be suggested but students may use a context from their own lives. The process will involve:
  • Unit #1: How to drop down into the heart of the experiential context by using point of view.
  • Unit #2: Focus to be on verbs, adverbs, and identifying character details.
  • Unit #3: Details of place, time, and mood.
  • Unit #4: Details of 6 senses.
  • Unit #5: Study examples of writing short and deep. Students will use examples to write their own piece.
  • Unit #6: Facilitator will offer prompts to inspire topics for "Write Short Write Deep."
  • Unit #7: Students to edit a piece they have written in class and offer it up for group suggestions.
  • Unit #8: Students to finalize piece and submit for final comments and ideas. Suggestions for publications to be offered by facilitator.

Student Skills, Equipment, and Time Required

Students need to know how to open attachments, create a group email contact list, and send emails.

Time Commitment: Depends on student's need for writing. Writing can require anywhere from one hour to more per week.

Tuition/Fees for this course

SCN members: $256. Non-SCN members: $320.

Instructor Bio

Jan Marquart has been keeping a daily journal since June 1972 and is currently on her 101st journal. She is a psychotherapist and has incorporated journal writing into her therapy practice. Her clients move faster through their grief, pain, and life confusions after writing out their thoughts and feelings. Writing has led Jan Marquart through many life experiences and attributes her wellness to the power of writing. Jan has taught more than a dozen classes for Story Circle Network. She is the author of 11 adult books and 10 books for children in the series Can You Find My Love? Visit her website & her blog.

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Praise for Jan's Classes

  • Jan Marquart's class simply opened the door and gave me permission to change elements and events in my past to fiction. It was a pleasure once I began to write. —Letty W., Norman OK

  • Jan Marquart deeply grasps the essence of our writing, our hearts and our stories, and asks provocative questions or makes strong connections in order to allow us to enhance our work. —Judy S., Malibu CA

  • Jan Marquart's course was both inspiring, provocative and well delivered. The writing that I did will continue to be fertilizer for my future writing endeavors...perhaps even a piece of memoir! —Mary B., Glenelg MD

  • Jan Marquart's comments were instructive and encouraging to probe more. Jan was very supportive and provided great insight on topics to further explore. I found participating with other classmates and receiving their feedback very helpful and their stories inspirational. —Bonnie D., Clinton MA

  • Jan Marquart's course ... help[ed] me become more conscious of metaphorical uses... Learning to read and write about the ineffable is challenging, and ultimately rewarding. —Rosalind T., Brewster NY

  • Thank you for offering such a unique course to help heal our mother wounds! Jan Marquart offered a unique class that focused on writing for healing. Over the course of eight weeks she guided me onto a path for finding me as the daughter in my daughter/mother relationship and into a journey of healing. Ms. Marquart designed each weeks' assignments with the intention of going deep into feelings. She also presented some very effective therapeutic techniques to assist with overwhelming emotions. Ms. Marquart also made herself available offline to assist with the process of emotions and healing. This class was a unique experience for me and helped me a great deal in not only learning more about myself but also about my mom. I highly recommend this course for any woman looking to heal from mother wounds. —Cyndi L., Riverton UT

  • The class (through the work of the instructor) provided even more opportunity for healing and clarity; invaluable work and so glad I took this course! Jan Marquart is a fantastic instructor—caring, supportive and provides great feedback. —Judy S., Malibu CA

  • [Jan Marquart's class] definitely had me thinking outside the box and challenging myself to write about things in new ways, from new perspectives. —Renee C., Hicksville NY

  • I appreciated [Jan Marquart's] phone call at the end of the class. It's a rare opportunity to exchange directly with the instructor and very few instructors accept it. —Sabrina S., Bordeaux FRANCE

  • The course and the instructor exceeded my expectations, well beyond what I could have imagined. Jan Marquart guided us through "An Unwanted Journey" in a positive, supportive, insightful way, and she shared valuable tools to help us continue to move forward after the class was over. —Susan B., Austin TX

  • This course offered meaningful insight into ways we often get "stuck" in illness regardless of how hard we think we are trying to heal. Jan Marquart offered thoughtful feedback on the writing exercises with suggestions and examples of additional writing styles we could use to gain new perspectives on the issues we were exploring. I was inspired by her approach and was able to look at the deeper significance behind illness and shed outmoded attitudes that were hindering forward movement in my own life. —Marie F., Midleton, Co. Cork IRELAND

  • I really enjoyed the course and taking some time to stop and look at some of the different voices for memoir. There seemed quite a lot to read and write in a week and I think I just managed it!

    I would recommend Jan's course for anyone wanting to go realise their ambition as a serious writer of memoir. I felt I was 'upping my game' and seriously looking at some of the different types of voices to be found and seeing where I sat most comfortably myself. The tutor's comments were insightful and very helpful and I feel I've gone away with food for thought...and several good books I must finish reading! I would gladly work with Jan Marquart again. —Melanie B., Meopham, Kent UK