Katherine McCord

Class Title: Found Poetry to Found Prose
Instructor: Katherine McCord
Class Term: March 11-May 6, 2019
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Have you ever wondered about that term, a relatively new one, Found Poetry, and thought you'd like to explore it? We will in this class, along with craft, and progress to found "life writing," that is, finding you.

Class Description

First we'll explore elements of crafting poems, from intuition to how to break lines. We'll make our way to the fun and joy, through example, of piecing together poems, poems of Life Writing to prose, that will surprise you! And you'll pull from anything—magazines to antique books. You can even move to a kind of visual art where you literally cut lines or use pieces of a book to create a kind of collage, for example.

At the end of this class, students will know how to listen and then follow, without thinking too hard, both intuition and technique toward art, visual and with what we call lines and chunks of prose that "rest on the page."

Instruction/Communication Method: I will use a Yahoo group where I can deliver a weekly friendly lecture and the class can communicate via a Message Board. I will also provide class members with my email and my phone number so we can have one-on-one exchanges as necessary.


  • Unit 1: Introductions and Lecture on Concreteness
  • Unit 2: Found Poetry and Lecture on Tone
  • Unit 3: Life Writing and Lecture on Lineation
  • Unit 4: Lecture on Dramatic Shape I
  • Unit 5: Lecture on Dramatic Shape II
  • Unit 6: Lecture on Dramatic Shape III
  • Unit 7: Combination of Concreteness, Tone, Lineation, and Dramatic Shape
  • Unit 8: Celebration and Wrap-Up

Student Skills, Equipment, and Time Required

Beginning to advanced. Word, internet, email and printer.

Time Commitment: I would think 2-4 hours per week.

Tuition/Fees for this course

SCN members: $256. Non-SCN members: $320.

Instructor Bio

Katherine McCord's two books of poetry are Island and Living Room. Her third book, My CIA, is a memoir that was named a top ten 'Great' book of 2012 by R.A.L.P.H. and added to their ongoing list of Great Nonfiction. It won a Baker Artist Award; was showcased on Maryland Public Television's An Artworks Special; and was featured through an art installation co-produced by MICA's MFA in Curatorial Practice, December 2013. Katherine has published widely in literary journals such as APR. She has an MFA in Poetry and an MA in Creative Writing. Her most recent book is Run Scream Unbury Save which won the Autumn House Open Book Award in Creative Nonfiction, judged by Michael Martone.