Bird Mejia

Class Title: Poetry for the Truly Terrified
Instructor: Bird Mejia
Class Term: September 23-October 28, 2019
We are not accepting any more enrollments for Bird's class; the class has started.


Poetry isn’t so hard after all! Learn the basics of writing poetry, in an easy and nurturing environment.

Class Description

Has poetry always terrified you? Or have you just always thought that poetry was too difficult, too boring, too incomprehensible, too not for you? Whether writing poetry terrifies you or you have been writing poetry for years, let Bird Mejia lead you through a wonderful discovery and exploration of poetry! Through thoughtful writing exercises and model poems from some of the great poets of our time, Bird will teach you the basics of writing poetry €" in an easy, nurturing environment. All writing levels welcome. Beginning poets embraced!

Class Goals

Overcome the fear of writing poetry. Find that poetry is a fun, relatively easy, and enjoyable art! Write their own poems with confidence, understanding the “language” of poetry. Continue writing more poetry!


  • Unit 1: Introduction to poetry: What is poetry?
    In this unit tailored for beginners you will learn through modeling other poems. This will be an easy, nurturing, enjoyable approach to poetry.
  • Unit 2: The Music of Poetry
    Exploring the music of poetry: words, rhythm, rhyme, and repetition. Music is wonderful, and it is also what makes writing poetry so wonderful!
  • Unit 3: Image, Metaphor, and Voice
    Exploring the use and power of image, metaphor, and voice in writing poetry. These important poetry tools are easier than you may imagine and much more fun than you may have learned when you once studied poetry in school!
  • Unit 4: Line and Form
    Playing with line and space. Free verse and prose poems will be explored as two forms of poetry. This will be a unit full of fun and play. Once you learn the “rules” of poetry you can start breaking them. Oh, such a joy!
  • Unit 5: Putting it All Together and Revision.
    Putting to use the techniques and skills that have been learned. Learning how the process of revision can be an enjoyable and rewarding part of writing poetry.

Class Methods

I will use Poetry used in class will be found online.

Tuition/Fees for this course

SCN members: $160. Non-SCN members: $200.

Instructor Bio

Bird Mejia is An award-winning poet, has an MFA in Creative Writing and has taught online classes to women for ten years. Bird Mejia’s poems have appeared in anthologies such as Between the Heart and the Land/Entre el corazón y la tierra: Latina Poets of the Midwest and in literary journals including Willow Springs, Inkwell, and Calyx. She teaches workshops using her poetry collection, Wild Woman at My Door, in order to empower women of all ages to reconnect to their powerful, authentic selves.Visit her website.

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Praise for Bird's Classes

  • Lorraine Mejia's critiques, line by line, were great help. —Karen D., Twinsburg OH

  • Lorraine Mejia's selected readings were inspirational and educational. I loved Lorraine's thoughtful feedback and encouragement. i highly recommend Lorraine as a poetry teacher/writing mentor. I hope to take more classes with her, she is truly a gifted teacher. —Claire M., Elkton MD

  • Lorraine Mejia has found a found the key to helpful critique mixed in with praise. I found her suggestions for my haiku excellent, usually making me reconsider what I'd first written after understanding how much more punch they will have when making the changes she's suggested. I'm looking forward to taking another class with her in the near future. —Mary M., Bellvue CO

  • This course was very helpful in establishing a daily writing discipline. Lorraine Mejia's comments were specific and helpful. I look forward to taking another class from her. —Barbara H., Abiquiu NM

  • Lorraine Mejia is a thoughtful and patient instructor. Her comments and critique are worth the price of the class. She is very positive and validating of student efforts—this gives us confidence! Because she is a poet herself, she understands the process and what it takes to make the words "sing." I wouldn't be writing poetry if it wasn't for Lorraine! —Else T., Homer Glen, IL

  • [Lorraine Mejia is] always positive, always joyful, always inspiring...very organized and rich with knowledge. —Janet L., Santa Barbara CA

  • Lorraine Mejia's course far exceeded my expectations because the instructor was very well prepared, provided excellent materials and further resources, and her comments were well thought and very helpful. Lorraine's Spring Haiku class was so much fun! I had been studying haiku on my own, but with the materials and additional resources Lorraine provided the class, I learned even more about haiku, tanka, and haibun. I also accomplished a lot of writing, which I wanted to do. Lorraine's class also helped me increase my observational skills of the natural world and my personal world and then make connections between the two. As an instructor, Lorraine provided support and understanding, and her feedback and comments were well-thought and very helpful. Lorraine is a great teacher! I highly recommend her. —Cyndi L., Riverton UT

  • I have a renewed confidence that I can write poetry. I loved this course! It was one of the best of all the SCN classes I have taken. Lorraine Mejia is a Master teacher using lots of encouragement as well wonderful suggestions for slight subtle changes to my poems. —Sally B., Atherton CA

  • Beautiful class! Executed to the tee. Lorraine Mejia exceeded my expectations on every level. I would take another class from her in a heartbeat. —Stacy L., Austin TX

  • This is the second class I have taken with Lorraine Mejia. I can't believe how much I have grown from using poetic techniques in my writing. She is gracious, supportive, warm, and extremely meticulous with her comments and critiques. I learned so much from her. she encouraged us to write as often as we could, critique one another, then write more poems based upon certain techniques. I would definitely take another class with her! She is one of my favorite writing instructors. —Sharon B., Munster IN

  • Lorraine Mejia provided helpful feedback in a most loving and supportive manner. This was a wonderful course that opened my eyes to the power of poetry and helped me understand what poetry is all about. I can now call myself a poet and am no longer terrified. :) Lorraine Mejia is a wonderful instructor. She instills confidence while offering loving support. One of the best courses I've taken so far!!! —Maya L., Milford PA

  • Lorraine Mejia is a great instructor. She builds a learning community in which everyone feels valued and makes participation easy and rewarding. She has deep knowledge that she shares generously with her students and her incisive and insightful feedback really helped me learn and improve my writing. If you have a chance to study with her, I highly recommend you give yourself the gift of the opportunity. —Jennifer B., Oakland CA

  • Lorraine Mejia is an effective editor, and more—she pulls you up out of your writing rut to peer over the edge at other approaches, offering you license and courage to try some of those in your own work. —Jazz J., Austin TX

  • Lorraine Mejia exceeded my expectations on every level. I would take another class from her in a heartbeat. —Stacy L., Austin TX

  • With Lorraine Mejia as your teacher down the poetic path, you will find it lined with rose petals, sweet smelling herbs and always a sunflower to brighten your way. —Joan C., Bellville TX

  • Another great class with Lorraine Mejia! I love the Women Poets series, I hope she continues with it. Wonderful to study a diverse group of contemporary women poets, some I was familiar with before, some who are new to me. Lorraine provides an inspiring list of writing prompts, and creates a safe, supportive atmosphere for us to stretch and grow. Her feedback is always caring, encouraging, and helpful technically. I hope to take many more classes with Lorraine! —Liz W., Petaluma CA

  • Once again, Lorraine Mejia has provided a deeply soul nourishing experience! She creates and inspires an ambiance of love, support and acceptance, and her choices for poems and prompts are clearly selected with great care and wisdom. Lorraine holds us all in an enormous embrace, while offering impeccable individual feedback to each of us. She is an excellent teacher in every way. —Janet L., Santa Barbara CA

  • This was my fourth class with Lorraine Mejia. It has helped me accomplish what I needed to come closer to publication by the end of this year. Great class. —Juliana L., Canyon TX

  • [Lorraine Mejia's class] Exceeded expectations. —Renee C., Hicksville NY

  • Comments and feedback from Lorraine Mejia as well as other class participants were enormously helpful and encouraging. I thoroughly enjoyed this course. —Mary Ann P., Sugar Land TX

  • Lorraine Mejia strikes a perfect balance between providing comments that push us to be better poets and yet provide positive encouragement. —Renee C., Hicksville NY

  • Lorraine Mejia is absolutely fabulous. Her materials are always inspiring... She is the best—encouraging and incisive. Her classes are superb and she creates a wonderful encouraging atmosphere. —Harriot W., Eugene OR

  • Fabulous! Loved Lorraine Mejia's class. —Janice K., Austin TX

  • This was my first Prose Poetry class. I could not have asked for a better instructor. Lorraine Mejia gave us weekly reading materials and allowed us to discuss our thoughts on them. She was extremely generous in critiqueing a great number of prose poetry poems that her students submitted. She took the time to meticulously critique each poem, while giving warm and caring support. I only wished that I had more time to write a few more poems for her class, and comment on a few more poems that my classmates submitted. I wrote three poems, which I am proud to have written. Her warm and generous nature is what made the course so fun and creative. I would definitely enroll in another course taught by Lorraine. It was fun to comment on our classmates' poems, and have them comment on our poems as well. —Sharon B., Munster IN

  • I fell in love with the "art form of poetry." I want to continue with Lorraine; I feel inadequate and am interested in looking at poetry more critically.....but I don't know how! I am not terrified anymore ... tantalized and teased! To be true to myself I must continue with Lorraine Mejia. —Joan C., Bellville TX

  • I will quote my closing remarks to our instructor: Even with all the distracting elements in my life at this time, the course was a magnet to pull me in, read, learn, write, and share responses with such brilliant women. , but I think the kudos go to you (Lorraine Mejia) for creating such an inviting space for us, and helping me to feel confident and welcome, even though I feel like such a novice. You encourage stretching by your astute observation, keen insight, and positive reinforcement. —Mary Ann P., Sugarland TX

  • Anyone who wishes to learn how to write and appreciate poetry should take Lorraine Mejia's classes. Not just one but any and all that she offers. Superb! —Renee C., Hicksville NY

  • I intend to take Lorraine Mejia's next course. —Janice K., Austin TX

  • Lorraine Mejia makes a safe space for individual expression without sacrificing awareness of writing quality. Great class. —Ruth C., Folsom CA

  • Another great class with Lorraine Mejia! I wasn't able to participate as much in this class as I would have liked, so I especially appreciated the detailed syllabus that Lorraine provides with lots of writing prompts that I can do back to later when I have more time. As always, Lorraine creates a very supportive atmosphere and skilled, supportive feedback. Fun to see class participants becoming ever-more accomplished poets. —Liz W., Petaluma CA

  • Lorraine Mejia is a great instructor. She offers helpful feedback and encourages students to comment on work and offer each other encouragement. —Rachel O., Richardson TX

  • Lorraine Mejia is very conscientious in giving feedback and constructive suggestions for improving her students' writing. she is an inspiring and supportive teacher with an excellent background in poetry. —Ruth C., Folsom CA

  • Another very enjoyable class with Lorraine Mejia: Contemporary Women Poets. Lorraine provides just the right amount of example poems and writing suggestions, and then gives freedom to write whatever wants to be written. She creates a positive, supportive, safe atmosphere and gives skilled, helpful feedback. And I loved the diverse group of poets we studied! Thanks Lorraine! —Liz W., Petaluma CA

  • Very inspiring course. I wanted more... didn't want it to end. enjoyed the other women poets and the feedback from Lorraine Mejia was super helpful. —Katharine A., Makawao HI

  • Lorraine Mejia is clear and focused and consistently excellent in every area of her teaching, and she radiates pure uncondtional love and acceptance. —Janet L., Santa Barbara CA

  • Great class! I especially appreciated the wide range of example poems, and Lorraine Mejia's thoughtful, caring feedback. —Liz W., Petaluma CA

  • Lorraine Mejia's class, "Poetry for the Truly Terrified" was anything but terrifying, because of Lorraine. She is a kind and sensitive teacher with an enormous heart, who graciously guides a process that is immediately inspiring. She is generous with her time, materials, expertise and most importantly, her clear insight. Lorraine facilitated a group of novice poets, who revealed their intimate, inner beauty through her gentle guidance and loving care. —Janet L., Santa Barbara CA

  • Well, it said the class was for the Truly Terrified but the participants were so skilled at writing poetry I was terrified after I started the course. However, Lorraine Mejia is so positive and concerned about each of her students that I quickly relaxed. Lorraine is a favorite instructor. I hope she keeps changing up what she offers and I will keep taking her courses. —Janice K., Austin TX

  • I began truly terrified to try my hand at poetry. Lorraine Mejia was gentle and encouraging in her responses. She gave amazing feedback, not only to me but also to my fellow students who were amazing poets. I learned from all her responses. I would definitely take another class in order to learn more. —Sonja D., Canyon Lake TX

  • This is a class in which you learn by doing, with a skilled instructor [Lorraine Mejia] guiding the process and creating a safe, creative environment. —Ruth C., Folsom CA

  • Lorraine Mejia was insightful, pleasantly encouraging while offering suggestions and comments. I loved this course. —Mary Ann P., Sugar Land TX

  • Lorraine Mejia is among the top instructors of the SCN courses I have taken. I love her thoughtful feedback and encouraging comments. I hope to take more classes from her. —Janice K., Austin TX

  • Lorraine Mejia was insightful, pleasantly encouraging while offering suggestions and comments. I loved this course. —Mary Ann P., Sugarland TX

  • Lorraine Mejia makes any class worth my time. She is incredibly helpful and challenging (in the best supportive way) us to do our best work. I adore her! —Harriot W., Eugene OR

  • This was my first course with SCN. It was excellent! Lorraine Mejia was prepared—full of ideas and suggestions for the class. I learned from the comments that she (and others) gave regarding my work and also from the work of other students. —Camille D., Glen Allen VA

  • The high level of editorial suggestions by Lorraine Mejia helped me grow as a writer. In this class, learning is fun! —Ann M., Cedar Park TX

  • Lorraine Mejia is a fabulous instructor. Her materials are always so interesting. —Harriot W., Eugene OR

  • Lorraine Mejia-Green's well thought out, supportive feedback was very helpful to me. —Betty M., Austin TX

  • Lorraine Mejia-Green's wonderful class helped me to discover and uncover my inner poet! —Lauren R., Austin TX

  • This is one of the best courses offered on SCN's website. I am inspired to write better and more economically. Lorraine Mejia-Green is thorough and gracious in her presentation of this course. —Carol Z., St. Louis, MO

  • I so enjoyed Lorraine Mejia-Green's helpful and encouraging comments... —Marjorie K., Guysborough NS CANADA

  • I learn so much each time I take one of Lorraine Mejia-Green's classes. I particularly like how much she comments/guides me when I submit my work. —Carol Z., St. Louis, MO

  • Definitely, the course met my expectations. Lorraine Mejia-Green's constructive criticism, professional skills and helpful information few instructors or teachers provide. All that Lorraine offered I easily apply to not just poetry, but all my writing...I found Lorraine a sincere gift to me and my writing. I'm certain all women writers, not just poets, will benefit with Lorraine as their instructor. —Marjorie K., Guysborough NS CANADA

  • Lorraine Mejia-Green was TERRIFIC! She provides comments, suggestions, material, support—I cannot say enough—I am delighted with her and the depth to which I went. —Mary S., Medford NY

  • I learned new ways of looking at my writing style of poetry. Lorraine Mejia-Green's class was very helpful with new ideas. —Jamuna A., San Ramon CA

  • Lorraine Mejia-Green's class on poetry writing is an excellent motivator to studying poems and getting your own poetry written. I found her comments useful and when implemented they made my poems much better. Lorraine is very accessible, you can ask her anything and she is quick to answer you via email. She is open to anything you want to talk about. It's like having a good friend see you along your writing journey. I'm sure I will be in contact with her after the course. —Renee C.,

  • Lorraine Mejia-Green's attentive red-line reviews were the reins gently leading us to confidence and individual voice, all the while honing our work. —Jazz J., Austin TX

  • Lorraine Mejia-Green was wonderful—teacher, supporter, encourager, truthful, helpful—it is a very rich course and I hope she teaches another. —Mary S., Medford NY

  • Due to a prior negative experience writing poetry, I enrolled in this course with a degree of fear. I did not think I could write poetry, but I wanted to learn the process so maybe someday I could try to write poetry. Lorraine Mejia-Green made me feel like my contributions really were poetry and quite acceptable. I can't tell you what this did for my self-esteem. I learned to love reading poetry and writing it also. I started the class feeling like a dunce and ended it feeling like a poet. Thank you, Lorraine. This has been the best on-line StoryCircle course yet!! —Janice K., Austin TX

  • Appreciated the richness of the class, the poetry readings of other poets and student and Lorraine Mejia-Green's feedback. —Katharine A., Makawao HI

  • This was a great class. I am glad that you offer a poetry class now. It had been a long time since I had written poetry. This class made me realize that I can still write. Lorraine Mejia-Green prepared excellent hand outs and an organized syllabus. She included a great variety of poets with links to specific poems and collections. —Rachel O., Richardson TX

  • Lorraine Mejia-Green is a wonderful instructor! —Aranga F., Three Rivers CA

  • What a gifted teacher! I learned so much with Lorraine Mejia-Green and the other women in my group! The feedback and direction were stellar! I'm signing up for the next class! —Carol Z., St. Louis MO

  • Lorraine Mejia-Green supported our learning in this class at a very high level. She reinforced what was working in our writing and had clear suggestions to improve our poems, line-by-line. Several of us in this class will be signing up for Lorraine's next online course. What could be a better endorsement? —Ann M., Cedar Park TX

  • Lorraine Mejia-Green is positive without being just a cheerleader. Fantastic class. —Kim C., Edmond OK