Giulietta Nardone

Class Title: How To Write An Inspirational Story
Instructor: Giulietta Nardone
Class Term:
We are not accepting any more enrollments for Giulietta's class; the class has started.


"Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud." —Maya Angelou

Inspirational stories encourage us to stay motivated, hopeful and positive. They connect with the reader on an emotional level.

Class Description

During this four-week writing adventure, you will learn how to write an inspirational story that transforms the reader. You will have written up to four inspirational stories you can pitch to the inspirational or religious market. Although not mandatory, students are encouraged to comment on each other's work. It makes for not only a richer experience but also an unexpected avenue to generate story ideas.

At the end of this class, students will be able to:

  • Write inspirational stories.
  • Understand the power of transformation.
  • Present empathetic narrators.
  • Pitch inspirational stories.

Instruction/Communication Method: We will communicate with each other through google groups. I provide valuable feedback on stories. Ultimately, writers will decide which feedback to incorporate and which to discard.


Every Monday morning, I will post a lesson, a story example and a choice of three writing prompts. You will also have the option of working on one story for the entire four weeks.
  • Unit 1: Understanding the inspirational story. How is it different from other stories? The instructor will post a story that serves as an example.
  • Unit 2: Mining your life for transformative topics. What subjects are seen as universal? The instructor will post a story that serves as an example.
  • Unit 3: Cultivating hope and empathy through your narrator. How do I build trust with the reader? The instructor will post a story that serves as an example.
  • Unit 4: Pitching to the inspirational and religious markets. Where do I pitch and what do I say? The instructor will post links to potential markets.

Student Skills, Equipment, and Time Required

Students will need access to a gmail account and the Internet in order to get on Google Groups.

Time Commitment: Time commitment will vary from student to student. Typically, about 2-3 hours per week

Tuition/Fees for this course

SCN members: $128. Non-SCN members: $160.

Instructor Bio

Giulietta Nardone's stories have been published in places such as Chicken Soup for the Soul, Boston Globe, Christian Science Monitor, Purple Clover, Skirt! Magazine, Underwired Magazine, and broadcast on NPR. In addition to writing, she paints, sings, designs, mentors, hikes and travels to places near and far. Visit her website.

Praise for Giulietta's Classes

  • I wanted to explore the writing style of "let it rip" and in what ways I might want to write more in this way. I learned a lot both through Giulietta Nardone's course material, the readings and the feedback. —Day P., New York NY

  • This is one of the best SCN courses I've taken. Giulietta Nardone's course will help you re-think funny. —Denise J., Baton Rouge LA

  • Giulietta Nardone's class was full of helpful ideas and examples, very well organized, and easy to participate in. I'll be watching for more of her classes. —Bonnie F., Brookings OR

  • I learned a lot from Giulietta Nardone's comments on my writing and her comments on other student's stories. —Valerie H., Seabrook TX

  • I would recommend [Giulietta Nardone's] class. I received helpful writing tips, constructive feedback and a lot of much needed encouragement! I really enjoyed my experience with class. —Marisa T., McAllen TX

  • Giulietta Nardone was extremely organized and had full lessons for us each and every week. The materials were well planed and thoughtfully prepared... I felt the suggestions were on the mark—and appreciated...because they take my writing to a new level. —Leslie G., Natick MA

  • I really enjoyed Giulietta Nardone's class! I plan to take another class from her again sometime. She motivated me to write more honestly. She suggested markets for my writings. And her editorial comments really improved my essays. Thank you, Giulietta! —Laura G., Austin TX

  • Giulietta Nardone's class helped me turn a corner with my writing—and unstuck me from habits that kept me from writing. Giulietta shines as an instructor—puts light on the areas where an individual student needs help. She provided more than enough references to articles and books in her lessons. I will be reviewing the lessons to read books she referred during this entire year...Giulietta took my writing to a new level and provided sources and inspiration for taking the next steps in marketing/ getting published! Thank you! —Leslie G., Natick MA

  • ...It was a great class! I found Giulietta Nardone's course to be very insightful and Giulietta's comments were very helpful. —Mary C., Pine CO

  • The title of Giulietta Nardone's course—its content and its tutor—delivered! I'm fired up with enthusiasm after my five weeks (which I wish had been longer) and Giulietta's feedback was insightful and on the button. She even let me send through some experiental writing and went with my processing. I'd be more than happy to recommend the course and work with her again sometime. —Melanie B., Kent UK

  • Writers usually need to spend more time with their choice of titles and Giulietta Nardone offers a helpful class on this neglected subject. She always gives positive, constructive feedback with lots of suggestions. I've taken three of her courses and have never been disappointed. —Betsy K., Granite City IL

  • I couldn't believe how much I learned in such a short time (4 weeks). In that time Giulietta Nardone helped me shift my focus and discover the "Joy of Blogging." —Samantha W., Ashland MA

  • Giulietta Nardone provided valuable and supportive input throughout the course: intructional materials, creative prompts and questions to help get our juices flowing; quality reference material, books, blogs, useful templates; helpful, honest and insightful feedback to make us better writer; and checked in regularly with students to make sure we were kept on track. Two courses taken with Giulietta have been invaluable gems for getting me in the writing spirit again. Hope to take more, as needed, in the future to keep making progress! —Teri C., Lawrenceville NJ

  • I learned how to spice up my blog posts in Giulietta Nardone's blogging class. She inspired me to trust my own voice as she gave gentle suggestions for better writing. And now I know how to edit out those adverbs that end in -ly that weaken my prose! —Trudy E., Clarkdale AZ

  • I would recommend Giulietta Nardone's course to any writer. Great instructor, helpful information and comments, a real challenge to inspire better writing! —Betsy K., Granite City IL

  • Giulietta Nardone's classes are helpful and positive. She gently pushes the writer and work to dig deeper and add clarity to make the writing stronger. —Kira H., Wimberley TX

  • This class exceeded my expectations. I feel extremely confident about my writing now and will continue taking courses from SCN and from Giulietta Nardone. —Jacki W., Falls Church VA

  • I found it illuminating, energizing and revitalizing. It helped me to reawaken my creative muse and get the juices flowing again, heal my soul and put me in touch with some of my deeper feelings and family connections I hadn't thought about in years. Giulietta Nardone's comments and insight were enlightening and gave me more to think about. She provided good examples and additional resources for future reference. The group dynamics of openness and sharing also were helpful. —Teri C., Lawrenceville NJ

  • Giulietta Nardone is a sensitive and encouraging teacher. She helped me to see my own potential as a writer. I appreciated her thoughtful comments, insights, and suggestions. I plan to take her personal essay class which she's teaching through SCN in the Fall. —Joanne R., San Francisco CA

  • If you are fearful of taking the plunge into the writing pool, start with Giulietta Nardone's Juicy Writing Class. She can help anyone crawl out from under their turtle shell and slowly walk them through writing assignments that help your writing blossom. By the time you finish the course you will not only written juicy pieces, but you will definitely feel more confident about your writing skills. I plan on taking more classes from Giulietta as soon as they are available. —Jacki W., Falls Church VA

  • Giulietta Nardone was a great teacher! Her lessons were clear and concise and helpful. Her assignments were, also. I learned a lot. —Narcy H., Highlands Ranch CO

  • For those who feel hesitant about blogging, Giulietta Nardone offers a tremendous amount of helpful materials. Her feedback on assignments is positive and encouraging, with lots of ideas and suggestions. I would highly recommend this course! —Betsy K., Granite City IL

  • It was a great class and helped me understand what it takes to be a blogger whom people want to follow. Giulietta Nardone was very responsive to any question & replied quickly with her comments. I would highly recommend this class & instructor. —Pat K., Hopkinton MA

  • This class infused new life into my writing and sharpened my skills as a blogger. Giulietta Nardone brought much enthusiasm along with very useful experiences and resources about blogging to the course. She provided comments that were precise, supportive and encouraging. She also gave me lots of ideas for future posts. I really appreciated how engaged she was in my topic. —Teri R., Chelmsford MA

  • Giulietta Nardone gave us so much to think about, with all the additional materials and blogs to check out and ideas how to expand on what was written. I feel I will be working on this course for several more weeks as I keep on checking on all the materials she told us about. She also helped with her comments and her ideas and the guidance she gave on each assignment. Now to practice what I learned and to keep on following her suggestions given during the course. —Betsy K., Granite City IL

  • Giulietta Nardone's comments were thoughtful, thorough, and very helpful in understanding how to identify and develop themes within the essays. The detailed feedback was provided in an extremely timely manner. I ... walked away with a clear understanding of the components and structure of a personal essay. —Candi B., Martinsburg WV

  • Giulietta Nardone's comments were insightful, in depth, specific, and very helpful. The materials and additional readings were closely related to the topic, illustrative, and helpful. Definitely an easy and enjoyable way to go deeper in developing essay writing content and technique...The class was much better than online classes I have taken from a large, reputable, local community college. —Carol N., Leawood KS

  • Very insightful and caring personality. Giulietta Nardone put a great deal of time and thought into her comments and suggestions. Found her to be helpful and encouraging. —Anne R., Berlin MA