Linda Steele

Class Title: Creative Writing Workshop: Exploring Food Through Story
Instructor: Linda Steele
Class Term: January 21-March 4, 2019
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My course offers a fun and creative writing workshop with inspiration for related food themed readings and writing prompts around the topic of food for all levels of writers. Students are invited to put together an organized collection of favorite recipes with related stories as a gift for friends and family or simply use the time in class to deepen your writing practice.

We all have favorite recipes. And we all love to share food with our friends and family. Food and the stories we share around our favorite foods can be a rich topic and focus for writers.

Class Description

Participants are invited to choose recipes to use in class or come ready to explore topics related to butter, casseroles, pasta, cake etc. Weekly writing prompts related to food, family, cooking and memory will complement the recipes chosen. The course will provide regular feedback and group discussion about the recipes chosen and the content of free writes.

The recipes we choose and return to often have wonderful stories and anecdotes surrounding those we hold as important to us from our grandmother's favorite to a crowd-pleasing appetizer. As a class we will explore the stories we each have around our favorite recipes through creative readings and writing prompts.

At the end of this class, students will be able to:

  • Share with other participants personal stories around their favorite food.
  • Develop a stronger daily writing practice.
  • Gather a selection of their own recipes and pair that with personal anecdotes and memories about each recipe if they choose and create a coil bound printed version of each participant's recipe collection.
  • Personalized feedback and support from instructor.
Instruction/Communication Method: Recommended yet not a requirement to read and purchase Meet me in My Cape Cod Kitchen: Recipes for Seaside Living prior to course to get an idea of the stories shared around favorite recipes. Recipes will be chosen by each participant that they want to include in their own collection. Commitment throughout the course to participate in the free-write prompts related to recipes of their choosing.

The course will offer weekly food related reading assignments, writing prompts and thoughtful discussions and feedback around the topics discussed.


Full syllabus will be provided prior to class. This is your class. Enjoy it. Write. Read. Share. Reach Out. Discuss. Connect.
  • Unit 1: Introductions. Tips and resources on developing a writing practice. Food related poems and articles. Writing Prompt.
  • Unit 2: George Bernard Shaw said, "There is no sincerer love than the love of food." We will explore our love for food and the stories that emerge from our favorite foods.
  • Unit 3: Special Occasion Foods. Related Readings and Writing Prompts.
  • Unit 4: What did you eat as a kid? Related Readings and Writing Prompts.
  • Unit 5: Food and Guilty Pleasures. Procrastibaking: The art of baking when you should probably be doing something else. Related Readings and Writing Prompts.
Regardless of size of collection participants are encouraged to print and make copies of collection for friends and family or as a personal keepsake for themselves.

Student Skills, Equipment, and Time Required

Computer, Word, Internet, email and access to printer or print service similar to Staples. The need for printer is only needed upon course completion. Ongoing email support is provided by instructor upon course completion if needed.

Time Commitment: One hour prior to start of class to choose and explore the recipes you'd like to use in your writing throughout the class. These can be favorite food recipes to ones you borrowed from a magazine but use over and over. Firm commitment of one to two hours a week to participate in the food related writing prompts and share in the discussion. Willingness to have fun around the topic of food!

Tuition/Fees for this course

SCN members: $160. Non-SCN members: $200.

Instructor Bio

Linda Steele lives on Cape Cod. She earned her Bachelor's degree from UCLA and her Master's Degree from University of Texas, Dallas. She teaches college courses in English Literature and Writing and workshops related to food and story. She is the author of Meet Me in My Cape Cod Kitchen: Recipes for Seaside Living and is passionate about inspiring others to write. Visit her website & her blog.

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