Ariela Zucker

Class Title: It Feels Like Home
Instructor: Ariela Zucker
Class Term: January 14-February 25, 2019
We are not accepting any more enrollments for Ariela's class; the class has started.


Home—one simple word yet it generates so many emotions, memories, and musing. Home — one word that stirs up different images for different people. In this class, we will dedicate some time to talk, read (and write) about what home means for each one of us and how these reflections can evoke writing.

Class Description

This class will be dedicated to reflecting via a deeper understanding of the place home, from the most basic premise of a shelter that can supply us with walls and roof to the deeper meanings and emotions this one single word can arise. We will examine how this understanding can play an important part in our writing.

Instruction/Communication Method: Members of this group will communicate with me and each other through e-mail. On the first day, I will post a detailed overview of the class. I will also offer guidance on how to post your work to the group, and how to respond to each other's work.

At the beginning of each of the six weeks, I will post a short lecture plus several exercises that will help explain the lesson goal and help with the assigned weekly writing.


  • Unit 1: It starts with a concept. Home as a universal concept that we all share. Examples, explanations via reading material and assignments.
  • Unit 2: Home as a survival/shelter. My home is my castle, not just a saying but a reflection on how this journey of defining one's home begins with the most basic need. Introduction to mind-maps as a tool to use during the class.
  • Unit 3: My childhood home / home as a memory. Our childhood home while not our choice holds many memories that define later in life how we see our home as adults.
  • Unit 4: My present home/ home as a reflection on self. The house we live in reflects on who we are in many ways; some subtle and some more obvious. What is essential to us aesthetically, and how we share the space with other important people in our lives.
  • Unit 5: My dream home/home as a dream and a vision. Home, homes, and certain sections of our dwellings are a recurrent theme in many people dreams. It comes to show how deep the symbol of a home is engraved into our psyche. Many of us also fantasize the type of home we would like to live in if we'd to have a complete choice or the courage to pursue our desires.
  • Unit 6: Home is not a place but a state of mind. Home while we usually think of it as a physical dwelling can also represent an abstract yearning, or longing concentrated on the feeling of warmth and belonging.

Student Skills, Equipment, and Time Required

No writing experience necessary. You can be a total beginner, an explorer, or a seasoned writer. We all begin in the same place, and there is something here for everyone. You will need access to a computer. You will need to use Word or a compatible word-processing program to compose (or transcribe your handwritten) writings.

Time Commitment: It varies, but you can expect to spend about two to four hours a week. This includes reading, writing, posting, and offering feedback to other writers who post in the group.

Tuition/Fees for this course

SCN members: $192. Non-SCN members: $240.

Instructor Bio

Ariela Zucker lives with her husband in Down East Maine where they run their mom-and-pop motel. "Our retirement project, as we often joke. It was meant to keep us busy after the 'kids' (four girls the younger of which is 28) left the house." Not a Maine native, or as they refer to those who cannot present a long dynasty of Maine's relatives, Ariela and her husband are "from away." Ariela was born in Jerusalem and lived in Israel till 2001. For almost thirty years she was an educator, a counselor and a director of a learning disabilities programs. From there, the professional move to hospitality was an exciting challenge and a substantial change. Nonfiction and poetry are what she writes most of the time. Occasionally, Ariela attempts short historical fiction (or semi-fiction) writings and she always finds this kind of writing exciting and rewarding. Visit her blog.